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How Huawei uses cookies and similar technologies

The data controller for the personal data collected in the course of using is the Huawei entity specified in the Statement About HUAWEI Cloud and Privacy relevant to your use of the HUAWEI Cloud service.

What are cookies and similar technologies?

A cookie is a text file stored by a web server on a computer or mobile device. The content of a cookie can only be retrieved and read by the server that created the cookie. Cookies are unique to the browser or mobile application you are using. The text in a cookie often consists of identifiers, site names, and some numbers and characters.

Like cookies, local shared objects (also known as "Flash cookies") and HTML5 local storage store information on your device and can record some information about your activities and preferences.

Huawei uses the following types of cookies on this website:

Essential cookies

Which essential cookies do we use?

We use the following essential cookies:

Cookies required by the HUAWEI ID website when you use a HUAWEI ID to log in to HUAWEI Cloud.

Cookies used on the HUAWEI Cloud website:

Cookie name Source Expiry Purpose
isLogin Session Identifies whether the user of the current session has logged in
loginSecLevel Session Identifies if the user’s login is high- or low-security
CSRFToken Session A random string used to prevent cross-site request forgeries
isLogout Session Identifies whether the user of the current session has logged out
cplang Session Records the language selected by the user for the current session
logId Session A random string used to identify user access to different pages
shareVersion Session Indicates the version number of the user’s shared album
loginID Session Indicates the identity of the current session in order to retrieve user login information in the cache
functionSupport Session Identifies whether the current logged-in user has enabled certain functions on the website
traceId Session Indicates the duration of AMR file playback in the Recorder module
token Session A random string used to prevent attacks that aim to obtain login authentication status across site domains
timestamp Session Indicates the timestamp of secondary authentication in the Find My Phone module
Cookie_key Session Indicates the user's current data conversion status
siteID Session Indicates the site ID of the user's account
JSESSIONID Session Unique session identifier used to maintain the session

You can manage your cookie preferences (e.g. block all cookies, remove certain cookies) in your browser settings. However, the website will not function properly without these essential cookies.

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